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"Tigertail" will follow the life of a Taiwanese immigrant who tries to reconcile his past and build a better future.

Alan Yang's directorial debut develops into a dark, albeit heartfelt love and family story.

Netflix has released the trailer for Yang's "Tigertail", which will premiere on April 10 in the streaming service. The film initially revolves around a young Pin-Jui (Hong-Chi Lee), who is moving to the United States from Taiwan to find a better life, although the move forces him to have an arranged marriage rather than to the woman stay who he loves.

If it turns out that America isn't exactly the land of opportunity Pin-Jui was hoping for, he's in a loveless marriage, doing an annoying, ungrateful job, and, as the trailer expressly says, broken inside. As the film advances several decades, an older Pin-Jui (Tzi Ma) tries to make up for his past and eventually build up the life he once dreamed of.

Other “Tigertail” stars are Joan Chen, Yo-Hsing Fang, Kuei-Mei Yang, Kunjue Li and Fiona Fu.



Yang told his Twitter followers on Thursday that the film was a love letter to his family and Asian immigrants, whom he found to be having a particularly difficult time due to current events in America.

"The trailer for" Tigertail "is here," Yang said on Twitter. “Please share it with everyone who needs to flee for two minutes today, especially with Americans from Asia facing an unprecedented time in our history. This film is a love letter to my family and all Asian immigrants out there. "

Yang has credits in several acclaimed television series; He was the author of 16 episodes of "Parks and Recreation", directed two episodes of the NBC comedy and also played a recurring supporting character in the series. He was also the executive producer on Apple TV + 's Little America anthology series, which premiered earlier this year and has become one of the outstanding titles of the streaming service. Yang was also the author and executive producer of the comedy “Date and Switch” in 2014.

Yang also co-founded Netflix's "Master of None", which won three Emmys and a Golden Globe, and Amazon Prime Video's short-lived comedy "Forever". "Master of None" was particularly well received. The second season received an IndieWire A rating from Ben Travers.

Check out the trailer for "Tigertail" below:

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