Tradigital 2D FX Class Preview
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I'm really excited to take a first look at what we've done for our next class: Tradigital 2D FX animation. I will be posting regular updates on our progress here. To start the news, Alex Redfish will create effects for three abilities of a functioning character in the game: sword strike, magical missile, and targeted summoning! It will be the first of its kind where new and experienced students can actually incorporate their work into a functional wizarding system, animated character, and beautiful environment as they follow. And yes, we plan to develop Unreal AND Unity versions of these lessons, each with a fully functional game project.

For information on the prototype in-game with temporary effects, see the Artstation link below. And of course, you can always join the mailing list at to be notified when the class is ready to go towards the end of this year.

Here is a brief overview of some things to expect (more details to come!):

Course start date: December 2020

Course content: Part 1: 2D FX animation. Part 2: Advanced 2D FX Techniques. Part 3: In-Game 2D FX Development. I want this course to be the definitive one-stop shop for learning everything you need to know about 2D effects: the basics, post-processing, and modern workflows to seamlessly integrate these into a professional, playable gaming experience .

Course leader: So far, I and Alex Redfish are designated as instructors, more will be announced in the coming months

Course price: Since this course is 3 parts and Booms and Blasts is 2 parts, you should expect it to cost more. The exact price depends on the visiting teachers we receive and the final scope, which we only know just before the start. As with Booms & Blasts, an affordable payment plan option will be available.

We have posted more artwork from the in-game model on Artstation, where you can find links to all of the amazing artists who have contributed to the project so far. It was a tremendous interdisciplinary teamwork to prepare the project for the FX production and it is an honor for me to work with these visual artists:

Let me know what you think! What would you like to see in class? Would you like to help? Hit me!


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