Trailer Premiere: Ham on Rye
Hamonrye Still01 0100 628x348.jpg

We're excited to share the exclusive trailer premiere of Tyler Taormina's Ham on Rye, which will be practically released on October 23 in over 20 theaters across the country, including Anthology Film Archives in NYC and Laemmle Theaters in LA. Taormina's debut film, an unorthodox youth film with an increasingly sinister twist, the details of which are best left untouched, premiered at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival last year before celebrating its international premiere in Locarno.

DP and co-producer Carson Lund wrote an essay for us last year about the microbudget production of the film, specifically four lessons from the Ham on Rye making process, which included over 100 extras in a number of unauthorized locations 14 days of shooting were used. From this piece:

Invest in cameras and lenses first, but think carefully about your strategy. Seven or eight years ago Shane Hurlbut may have told you that DSLRs are the future of cinema and that there is no reason why you, a poor filmmaker with no connections, shouldn't use them. However, given the rapid pace of advances in image technology, such announcements have not aged well, and now DSLRs are less the total package than a very nifty solution for very specific projects with a very special look. The reality is that they are extremely limiting when it comes to really improving an aesthetic, while high-end digital cameras like Red and Alexa offer exponential advantages for a cost differential that is considerably less than what is available on new private rental services like ShareGrid it was once.

Factory 25 and the film's official website is here.


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