Trailer Premiere: Mark Jackson’s LAFF-Winning This Teacher
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Mark Jackson's This Teacher – a slam dance closing night film and the final winner of US fiction at the now closed Los Angeles Film Festival – will be released on June 9th by Breaking Glass on DVD and in digital formats. The trailer has just been released. Jackson (Without, War Story) is a 2011 filmmaker 25 New Face who won the Audi Independent Spirit Award in 2012. The film with the Cesar winner Hafsia Herzi is a kind of existential cabin-in-the-woods thriller that deals with Islamophobia and American madness.

The abstract:

This teacher follows a French Muslim woman (Hafsia Herzi) on her trip to New York City from the harsh neighborhoods outside of Paris to visit her best childhood friend.

When the reunion turns out to be catastrophic, Hafsia steals her friend's credit card and identity, and then disappears into a remote rear cabin. Deep in the forest and for the first time in her life alone she experiences a divine revelation of an existence without limits. However, when she realizes that she is not alone on the property, Hafsia's stay in nature gradually turns into a terrifying study of the intolerance and suspicion she encounters and reflects on it in an Islamophobic America.

Director and cameraman Reed Morano, who shot Jackson's previous war story, is an executive producer and has won the Bend Jury Prize in addition to the LAFF victory. Hafsia Herzi won a jury award for acting at the Metz Subversive Film Festival.


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