Trailer Watch: Lance Oppenheim’s Some Kind of Heaven
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Opening in theaters and on request on January 15, 2021 by Magnolia Pictures, is the debut of documentary filmmaker Lance Oppenheim, Some Kind of Heaven. Oppenheim can be seen in the filmmaker's 25 New Faces 2019 and is making documentaries that are tailored to the inner workings of their subjects – their fears, dreams, insecurities and aspirations – as well as to their physical environment. "Just as imagination affects the way people live their lives, the camera has to do the same," he told me when I interviewed him. "The only way to get into the lives of these people and their stories is to pinpoint the headspace in which they live."

Regarding Oppenheim's dreamy and sometimes unsettling feature depicting a group of seniors in Florida's retirement community The Villages, Vadim Rizov of Sundance wrote, “It's hard to notice that Oppenheim is every 23 years old, which is less interesting in terms of how impressive this is his first characteristic (although that is impressive) than in terms of how the POV friction manifests itself in the gap between his age and that of his subjects. As a young stranger in the land of old age, Oppenheim spends little time examining the most obvious aspects of physical frailty and taking the health and well-being of his subjects for granted. The staging of each shot was obviously thoughtful and the associated time to think – this is a collaborative work, the semi-art of which is transparent in the results – but there is also a tension between the speed at which the film advances and the pace his subjects can do it. "

The film, as the trailer notes, is an executive produced by Darren Aronofsky and the New York Times, and the trailer that has just been released is up.


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