Travis McCallum: Sketch #37 - Real Time VFX
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I chose cute for my VFX.

Here is the latest version of YouTube:

Here is the latest GIF version:
Nice attack V1

Here is my conceptual art that I created:

I wanted to adopt this sketch for several reasons:

  1. To prove to myself that I have a passion for this craft and really want to make it a career.
  2. Learn some new skills that get me out of my comfort zone. New ones I've encountered so far:
  • Create a character-specific workflow to create effects.
  • Modify existing animations to get better timing of the effects.
  • Change character materials to communicate the effects game.
  • Include kinematics in my work because it turns out I'm crazy about films.

Things I still have to do:

  • Add shock wave effect.
  • Polish assets with better mix and 3D geometry.
  • Add VO & SFX.
  • Record community feedback to repeat things like timing, camera angles, etc.

Challenges I have faced:

  • Rigid body simulations in Blender are not imported as a single animation. I tried to break a floor on the hammer.
  • Finding affordable characters matches animations that fit my vision. The selection for Hammer (Mallet) was over $ 50, so I chose a cheaper alternative with the Morgenstern. I like the idea of ​​supporting other artists by buying their fortune for my effects. Will do more in the future.
  • Working hours lost due to frequent accidents. The use of 4.25 was stopped because the engine crashed every time I opened Explorer. Cascade by default.


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