Here is the scene I put together. The floor uses quixel textures and illuminates the new UE4 sky atmosphere.

For the explosion in the background I used the default & # 39; Mini-Nuke & # 39; and used the fuel loss and flame extinguishing parameters to keep the flames alive for a little longer. I also added some wind and changed the post so that it becomes out of focus as it is far away anyway. All the details of the sharpening will be lost.

You will see that the explosion animation comes to an end because the Flipbook + Motionvectors mat function does not support different frame counts per axis, so I had to drop half of them. I will fix that

The shock wave was a quick task, but planning to use some smooth emberge created textures and added smoke particles. Also, thinking about adding secondary explosions after the first explosion might be closer to blowing out the camera.


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