Check out lightweight PBR material organiser Ptolemee
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Check out the Ptolemee lightweight PBR material organizer

Monday, July 13, 2020 | Written by Jim Thacker

Originally released on January 17, 2020. Scroll down to get version 6.0 news.

Indie game developer 2112 Games has made Ptolemee, its lightweight app for browsing and organizing PBR materials, available for both MacOS and Windows.

An easy viewer and organizer of PBR materials for game artists
Ptolemee was first released last year and was developed for browsing large amounts of PBR texture sets. It supports a number of standard 2D file formats: JPEG, PNG, BMP, PSD, TGA, HDR and PIC.

The tool, based on Unreal Engine, scans a user's material folder and automatically loads textures. The individual texture assignments are identified using keyword matches.

Materials are displayed with customizable 3D previews that appear on a series of simple geometry primitives. The preview supports the shift and the option to change the light angle.

Users can also add custom tags to materials and filter material groups based on those tags.

Updated July 13, 2020: Ptolemee 6.0 is out. The update offers the option to set an ambient background for 3D previews so that materials can be viewed under the same lighting conditions as in the final scene.

It is now also possible to adjust the default values ​​for tessellation, displacement and tiling in previews. and the software user interface and file browser have been updated.

Pricing and system requirements
Ptolemee is available for Windows 10 and MacOS. It costs $ 4.99.

More information about Ptolemee can be found in the Gumroad Store of 2112 Games

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