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Ubisoft open source mixer

Wednesday, August 5, 2020 | Written by Jim Thacker

Ubisoft has made Mixer, its internal real-time collaboration system for Blender, available as open source.

The add-on allows multiple Blender users to work on the same scene in real time – and users of other DCC applications can continue to make changes to the assets in the future.

Collaborate on Blender production scenes in real time over an IP connection
Ubisoft has been working on Blender tools since the company took over the software last year as the main DCC application for broadcast animation.

Mixer, which allows multiple Blender users to collaborate in real time on the same production scene, is the first to get a public release.

It enables the studios to set up a “broadcast server” to which the scene data is uploaded and to which individual users can connect via IP.

Users can then create "rooms" – individual collaborative projects – on the server.

By default, the content of a room is deleted as soon as all participants have left it, unless it has been saved manually. However, users can choose to keep rooms open even when no users are present.

According to Ubisoft, since the broadcast server is independent of Blender, "it is also possible to implement a connection for other 3D editing software".

System requirements and availability
Mixer is available for the current version of Blender under a GPL v2 license.

The software is still in the early alpha phase and is therefore only minimally documented. Ubisoft says it will "write a screenshot tutorial and make videos once the user interface is stable".

For more information on Mixer, see the Ubisoft GitHub repository

Download compiled binary files from the free Blender add-on mixer for real-time collaboration

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