UE 4.24 Niagara Ribbon Tiling
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Like Wyvery said, UVset 1 is what you need but read this from a few months ago so I guess it wasn't ready for 4.24 –

I'm pretty sure the ribbon UV feature is not implemented in Niagara. However, I was able to achieve the same result in other ways. At the emitter or system level, you need to calculate the total distance traveled since the birth of the emitter. You can then pass this on to the material as a dynamic particle parameter. You then need to create your own coordinates in your material to be used for the textures. Basically use the texCoord node to get the U and use your custom distance traveled as the V. You can add a multiplier to the V to scale the tiles or add it to move it around.

In this way, you can lay down “railroad track” type tapes in which the particles have constant UV rays.


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