UE4 advice on how to achieve Sea of Thieves
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Hey guys, first poster here, longtime lurker . Nice to meet you all : slight smile:

Hope my first post is a question is okay. If so, I thought I'd scour your brain for an effect in UE4 and see how you can achieve something similar.

As a result, I have relatively limited knowledge of the UE4 material and blueprint editor. The effect I want to get is the one in Sea of ​​Thieves (from 4:45 a.m.):

I suspect it's either some sort of post-processing material with fancy math or some "invisible" transparent particles appearing on the object with a material that blurs the materials behind. Are there any tips where to start in order to create that ghostly blur and pollution that only affect these specific objects? Again, I'm not really the most advanced at Unreal : stick_out_tongue:.

Thanks so much for any help you can give : stick_out_tongue:


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