UK Screen Alliance Updates Post and VFX COVID-19 Guidance

The UK Screen Alliance industry body has published version 2.0 of its “Guidelines for COVID-Safe Working in Post-Production and VFX”. The updated guidelines were developed in consultation with members of the UK Screen Alliance, DCMS, the British Film Commission, BFI, PACT and BECTU and are in line with the government's policy of encouraging safe return to work on the ground.

So far, UK Screen has banned customers from attending Post and VFX houses in order to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission, with preference given to work from home. While remote processing remains a safe and workable option for many projects, it may not provide the flexibility and speed required for complex multi-suite bookings, especially when delivery is about to be transferred. There are also circumstances when the controlled environment of an audio sync or color correction suite is best provided in a post production facility.

The updated guidelines enable careful customer care to minimize the risk of COVID-19 infection. It calls for cooperation between post production companies and their customers in order to share the responsibility for COVID-safe work, especially in dry rental scenarios. It is recommended that editors and producers teams be limited to 6 people in order to contain the impact of a single contract with COVID-19. This could then require the entire team to self-isolate and seriously disrupt production. If larger teams are required, these can be split into separate cohorts of a maximum of 6 people who do not meet in person.

Creative operators and their customers often work together for several hours at a time and often on several consecutive days. Therefore, the guidance does not allow a reduced distance of 1 m for these activities, as a required reduction for close contact is to keep it to a short period of time as possible. Therefore, a distance of 2 meters is always required in post-production suites.

Remote review and approval continues to be preferred for editorial visits. However, executives and senior producers can attend site visits if logout requires access to high quality audio and video surveillance. However, the guidelines recommend restricting viewing visits to relevant decision-makers only and, if possible, using two suites to separate visitors from creative people.

The UK government has not mandated the wearing of face coverings in office environments, but the Post & VFX Guidance urges editorial teams to consider wearing it and specifically advises using it in sorting and dubbing suites where creative people are may meet different customers every day.

"This will be the beginning of a gradual transition to normal post-production operations as demand begins to rise and filming resumes," said a UK Screen Alliance spokesman. "It will depend on all parties taking responsibility for social distancing in both their professional and personal lives to ensure that we maintain a COVID-safe environment for everyone in the workplace."

The updated instructions can be downloaded from the UK Screen Alliance website.

Source: UK Screen Alliance


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