VFX Art Tests - What does a great experience look like?
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No idea of ​​the logistics, however

Paid art tests.

I only speak from personal experience … if you are in this application process like we all have been at some point (and I assume the art test for a junior or a fresh student is out of school or a similar scenario), it is often like living from paycheck to paycheck at this point, maybe working 2 jobs, repaying student loans if you haven't been to school long enough, etc. Take time out of your week to do art tests that you put a lot of effort into have, with a high value The chance to be ultimately rejected can understandably be difficult.

A pre-post-test review, even if this is a no, would not only set a very good tone for the company, but would also help address the upside-down world of costly education and the financial instability of younger generations in this area fix industry. A few hundred dollars isn't for a large company, but it could mean a lot to someone who produces work for one. I would be delighted if this were normalized. (I don't know what Riot is doing, but I think I've heard that some companies do (?))


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