VFX Industry Shakeup: Framestore Buys Company 3 and Method
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Framestore, headquartered in London, in partnership with Aleph Capital and Crestview Partners, has announced the acquisition of Company 3 post-production company, Method Studios visual effects company and its sister companies The Hollywood Reporter. The terms of the contract were not disclosed.

Sir William Sargent, who founded Framestore in 1986, said in a statement: "Our vision for the future of our industry is storytelling in all media of content delivery – from mobile devices to IMAX and headsets to theme parks. Stories are born in one The Medium must be able to go through all of this and adapt creatively and technically to each. "

Framestore is known throughout the industry as one of the leading VFX studios, responsible for large numbers of shots and award-winning work on such films as Avengers: Endgame, Blade Runner 2049, Gravity and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. 2. You have also worked on numerous high profile episodic projects for streaming services such as Amazon, Netflix and Disney +, as well as immersive theme park experiences for companies such as Wanda and Lionsgate Entertainment World. The deal further expands its global manufacturing and service capabilities to facilities in cities such as LA, San Francisco, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Pune and Melbourne, many of which have significant government support for entertainment production.

Company 3 and Method have been brands of their own since this summer when global investment firm Platinum Equity took over the distribution business of Deluxe Entertainment Services. Deluxe's ​​creative businesses, which included Company 3, Method Studios, Encore, Encore VFX, EFILM, Level 3 and Stereo D were not part of the transaction. They were founded under the direction of Stefan Sonnenfeld, President of Company 3 / Method. The sales and creative business has been operating essentially independently of each other since 2019, with the exception of some internal / cross-company overlaps.

Regarding the acquisition of Framestore, Sonnenfeld said in a published statement: "The partnership is the combination of two great teams, both of whom bring world-class expertise from their respective fields. What we have achieved as a single company sets the tone what we can deliver. " a united force. "

Deluxe had previously taken several important steps to grow its VFX business. In July 2018acquired the award-winning 300-strong VFX studio Atomic Fiction, founded by Kevin Baillie and Ryan Tudhope. The studio was known, among other things, for the fantastic SUV flip opening chase scene from Tim Miller's Marvel superhero hit Deadpool; The studio was then renamed Method. Earlier this year in February, Method Studios has completed the merger with Australian VFX studio Iloura, known for working on shows like George Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road. Deluxe took over Method back in 2010.

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