VFX Legion Signs CG Supervisor Blake Anderson

VFX Legion has announced that CG supervisor Blake Anderson will join the recently launched B.C. Division leadership team; The industry veteran brings a range of skills and experience to managing and working with large work teams from home on feature films and episodic series. The announcement was made by company founder James David Hattin.

Anderson's 15 years of experience in the industry includes six years as the VFX supervisor for ABC's fantasy television series Once Upon a Time at Zoic Studios. Additional credits include Wonderland; 666; District 9; Stargate Universe; Stargate Atlantis; The 440; and Muppets in Oz.

A graduate of the Art Institute of Vancouver (formerly CDIS), the B.C. native began his career as a practical creative and is an experienced 3D artist, CG generalist, 2D animator, matte painter, composer and pre-vis artist. The in-depth knowledge of the multidisciplinary Anderson about the process of creating visual effects brings valuable insights into his role as a CG supervisor.

Under the direction of Production Manager Dylan Yastremski, the new studio reflects the structure of its flagship in LA while expanding the company's capabilities. The opening of the division is in response to the increased demand for VFX Legion's experience of working exclusively with home talents to create affordable, high quality visual effects for dozens of films and hundreds of television series.

In the coming weeks Anderson will join the B.C. The entire core team of operation consists of managers, support staff and leading artists. With a strengthened executive team and the company's native talent network, the new department can accommodate a larger number of projects simultaneously while meeting the needs of both larger and more complex productions.

"By establishing a local management team with the scope and experience required to run artists from home as seamless collaborative teams, VFX Legion can effectively leverage the expanded resources of the BC studio," commented Yastremski. "Blake has the skills to maximize the benefits." our street-tested remote capabilities; and the scope and caliber of the growing network of Legion talent across the province, North America, and around the world. "

"Last year we brought Blake on board to bring his talents to Black Christmas," added Hattin. "He impressed me with his depth of experience and mastery of our custom workflow. His strong management skills and experience make him a great man." fits VFX Legion and we are happy to have him on board. "

"The role of CG oversight at VFX Legion is a unique opportunity for me to work with a company that was founded as a completely remote visual effects resource," noted Anderson. “Their well-established collaboration pipeline, talent scope, efficiency, and efficiency quality are related to years of experience working with home talent. While physical isolation and disruption are inherent when talent is at home, it varies the approaches to remote working. I've worked with the team at VFX Legion on projects in the past – and so you've interacted with artists at home, the accessibility and smooth workflow made it a great experience to work with. "

"There's no way of knowing how long social distancing will be a necessary precaution," added Anderson. "But beyond the current pandemic, VFX Legion offers artists and productions unique advantages as the industry evolves. It's a great company that is way ahead of the curve and I'm very excited to be joining their team. "

Source: Legion VFX


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