VIEW 2020 Announces Ed Catmull to Deliver Keynote

VIEW Conference 2020, Italy's first digital media conference for computer graphics, interactive and immersive storytelling, animation, visual effects, games as well as VR, AR and mixed reality, Dr. Ed Catmull, Computer Graphics Pioneer, Co-Founder and Past President of Pixar, announced by Pixar Animation and Walt Disney Animation Studios, will be keynote speaker at the upcoming 21st edition, which will be held online and in person in Turin, October 18-23, Italy, takes place.

"We are honored that Ed Catmull is participating in VIEW 2020," commented conference leader Dr. Maria Elena Gutierrez. “It illustrates the aim of this conference – to bring together scientists and artists who share their knowledge and inspire a new generation of creative people. Dr. Catmull has done this throughout his career, from leading the group of artists and scientists at Pixar Animation Studios to extending that leadership to Disney Animation. I couldn't be more excited to welcome him to the VIEW family. "

In 2019, Catmull received the Nobel Prize in Computers, the $ 1 million Turing Prize, which he shared with Dr. Pat Hanrahan shared. He is the author of Creativity, Inc., which was shortlisted for the Financial Times and Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Awards.

He has also received three Academy Awards for scientific, engineering and technical achievement, an Oscar for Contribution to Significant Advances in Film Playback, and the Academy’s Gorden E. Sawyer Award for Lifelong Achievement in Computer Graphics. He was awarded the IEEE John von Neumann Medal. He is a member of the Computer History Museum and a member of the Visual Effects Society. he received the VES Georges Méliès Award; the Annie Awards Ub Iwerks Award for Technical Achievement; the Pang Vanguard Award; and he was inducted into the VES Hall of Fame. Under Catmull's leadership, Pixar's feature and animation shorts won 16 Oscars, while Disney Animation's cartoons and shorts won five.

"As the VIEW conference will be both online and on-site this year, we are taking this wonderful opportunity to involve notable professionals from around the world," added Gutierrez. "VIEW 2020 is going to be amazing."

The conference will take place online and in person in Turin from October 18-23. Additional information can be found at the event website.

Source: View conference


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