Viltrox E-T10 Adapter – Sony E-Mount for Z CAM E2 Cameras
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Lens and lens mount adapter maker Viltrox recently announced that it is working on a new adapter for Z CAM E2 cameras that will allow you to mount Sony E lenses: the Viltrox E-T10. Let's take a closer look!

Viltrox is no newbie when it comes to affordable lenses and lens mount adapters. In fact, the company has been here since the dawn of the DSLR revolution. They recently tested a new Z CAM mount adapter on social media: the Viltrox E-T10.

If you shoot with a Z CAM E2 camera, you currently have the choice between several lens mounts, including EF-Mount and Turbo-Mount for EF lenses, as a kind of SpeedBooster, M-Mount, PL-Mount, MFT-Mount and serve a TurboMount. However, if you come from a Sony camera, until the Viltrox E-T10 you had no way of taking photos with Sony E-mount lenses on a Z CAM E2.

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Viltrox E-T10 – what we know

There is very little information available about this adapter at this time. Here's everything we know so far about this Z CAM mount adapter:

Image credit: Viltrox

  • It is attached to your camera with four screws and replaces your existing lens mount.
  • It has contacts / pins so you can electronically control your lens via the controls on the camera.
  • The adapter has a micro USB port that can be used to update the firmware of the Viltrox E-T10.

Image credit: Viltrox

And that's about it. According to the company, the adapter may "be out soon". You can pre-order it from B & H, specifying a lead time of "2-4 weeks". The mount adapter costs $ 199.

To update: The E-T10 adapter is now also available in the official Viltrox store: Link.

What do you think of the Viltrox E-T10? Are you planning to shoot with Sony E-mount lenses with your Z CAM E2 camera? Don't hesitate to let us know in the comments below!


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