WarnerMedia Purge Continues with Major DC Comics and DC Universe Layoffs

Famed comic book publisher DC Comics, along with streaming service DC Universe, was hit yesterday by massive layoffs that were part of WarnerMedia's reorganization announced last Friday Numerous senior executives and around 800 studio employees lost their jobs. According to The Hollywood ReporterThe venerable comic book house lost nearly a third of its editorial staff, including editor-in-chief Bob Harris.

The report notes that insiders say the majority of DC Universe employees have been laid off, a foregone conclusion, when WarnerMedia focused its operations on HBO Max. According to one source, "DC Universe was DOA as soon as the AT&T merger happened".

The layoffs hit the DC world just two weeks before the big online DC fandome event on August 22, featuring stars from DC movies, TV, and comics.

Since launching in 2018, DC Universe has hosted a number of live-action (Doom Patrol and Stargirl) and animated (Young Justice and Harley Quinn) shows, some of which are now streaming on HBO Max.

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