Watch: Gaspar Noe’s Summer of ’21 for Saint Laurent
Saint Laurent Summer21 Video Gaspar Noe Still 06 Hr 1 628x348.jpeg

We're still waiting here in the US for Gaspar Noe's earlier collaboration with Saint Laurent, Lux Æterna, which premiered in Cannes in 2019, but the fashion house has just released a new short film from the French director that's well worth a late night watch. With Charlotte Rampling and a group of models – Anok Yai, Antonia Przedpelski, Assa Baradji, Aylah Mae Peterson, Clara Deshayes, Grace Hartzel, Kim Schell, Glimmer Arganaraz, Miriam Sanchez, Sora Choi, and Stefania Cristian – the film begins Run at Night through purple-lit forests (maybe not to Suspiria, as well as Last House on the left) before indulging in a series of hypnotic and captivating split-screen compositions in a grand theater. Also on display are the short frames with black punctuation changes that Noe used to great effect in Carne and I Stand Alone. It's all for Sebastian's version of Giorgio Moroder / Donna Summer's hit I Feel Love. Look here at the link or above.


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