Watch: Producers and Executives Discuss the Reality of Production During the Coronavirus Pandemic
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People are shooting again. And as film production advances amid a host of new protocols and restrictions, Film Finances has brought together members of their own working group – both company executives and producers – as well as producers who have worked on-site to discuss filming in the age of coronavirus. In this very informative webinar, the following topics are covered:

* What percentage of a movie's budget should be used for Covid-19 compliance?
* What is the job of the Health Safety Supervisor and what should his team look like?
* The use of apps to track tested crew members as well as analog alternatives.

Participants in the video include: Steve Berman, executive vice president of production, film finance; Carol McGorrian, vice president of production, film finance; Producer Jamin O’Brien; Michelle Lilley, Head of Health Security; Moira Holmes, President, Film Finances, Canada; Producer Jason Jallet; Producer Robert Graf; Production Manager Karen Ruth Getchell; Producer Jimmy Price; Paula Manzanedo Schmit, Senior Vice President Production & Post Production, Film Finance; Producer Bob Salerno; Producer Linda McDonough; Maureen Duffy; VP of feature film production, film finance; Kelly Todd, VP, Feature Production, Endeavor Content; Kate Clark, Production Manager, Film Finances, Canada; and producer Jennifer Roth.

Among the above, Getchell wrapped up Joel Coens Macbeth, who started filming a week ago before the lockdown. Roth produced a film in Dubai that was shot through the early stages of the pandemic. And Price just completed an additional seven-day photo shoot in New York state that included both stunts and a set build.

Part one of the lecture is above; Part two is below.


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