Watch the Late Great Grant Imahara Create Baby Yoda
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After the tragic death of Grant Imahara on July 13th, BattleBot legend, the famous host and engineer of MythBusters, known for his work on Jurassic Park, Terminator and Star Wars, we wanted to share one of his last and sweetest projects. During his time as a technician at the Star Wars prequels, Imahara gave the update of R2-D2 his genius. It was only natural that he should endeavor to create an animatronic baby Yoda, the widely respected child from the Disney + Mandalorian series.

Glad to present my latest creation: a fully animatronic baby Yoda. Special thanks to @SaltiestHime for silicone skin / color / hair, @thelindsayjane for the coat and Project 842 for the digital model. Visit to the children's hospitals from April! #BabyYoda #TheMandalorian #Starwars

– Grant Imahara (@grantimahara), March 6, 2020

We recently came across this video from Now This that touches on the process of Imahara's Baby Yoda creation.

Thank you very much, Grant, for your many years of hard work that has inspired young and old to build, design and present. You have made science really cool and we will miss it.

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