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Save big with Waves CLA Epic with special introductory prices.

Mix with Epic Depth: Complete Reverbs & Delays by Chris Lord-Alge

Add epic depth to your mixes and productions. The complete suite of mix legend CLA's 4 go-to-delays and 4 go-to-reverbs, based on his best studio equipment. What's more, you get everything in one plugin that lets you mix, layer, and route the effects internally.

Studio legend Chris Lord-Alge (Green Day, Muse, Bruce Springsteen) is a master at creating epic space and dimension in every song. And now he gives you the key to this depth. Its entire range of reverbs and delays in one epic plugin.

CLA Epic offers Chris & # 39; 4 Go-To-Delays (SLAP, THROW, TAPE, CROWD) and 4 Go-To-Reverbs (PLATE, ROOM, HALL, SPACE). All modules are based on Chris' settings for his favorite studio hardware, which he uses in various combinations in each of his mixes.

Whether for vocals, drums, synthesizers, guitars or other instruments – CLA Epic opens the door to more depth in your mixes and productions.

Waves CLA Epic

Sale: special prices. Temporary offer

Complete reverbs and delays by Chris Lord-Alge

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