We Are OSC Approved.

What is an OSC?

For me it has been a long but very interesting journey into the world of the coveted Aera Operating Safety Case (CAOSC or OSC) in the last 6 months. It started late last year (on paper much earlier in my head!) … and we crossed the finish line earlier this month.

3 volumes and 99 pages later, we have reduced our minimum distances with heavy-duty systems to 20 m at the start and 30 m in flight within cities and other congested areas. The CAA introduced the CAOSC system to effectively reinforce the security efforts of operators wishing to use + 7kg platforms in built-up areas – and that's no wonder. Cities and commercial areas (to name just a few) all have their own risks, which should be adequately addressed within a framework that has been shown to help reduce the risk to property operators, the general public and property owners. Our OSC describes exactly how we proceed in such areas and how we reduce the associated risks.

The 99 pages cover all risk and mitigation measures, our systems and fail-safe procedures, error points and preventive measures, our security management system (SMS) and reporting procedures. It is thorough.

Why have one?

Standard permissions are like last year.

The OSC gives us more freedom with our heaviest platforms. It enables us to lift the big boys' cameras in cities where many of our theater customers traditionally want us to operate. The benefits are incredible. Without an OSC, we would have to stay 150 m outside of an overloaded area – just not good!

We strive to adhere to the most security-conscious methods in our business. By outlining the procedures required to obtain an OSC, the CAA gives us a seal of approval that our practices are as safe as possible and safe for everyone involved – our customers, our employees, the general public and other flight users are. Security is often a top priority for our customers. It is therefore good to know that we can offer our customers security if they hire us with our OSC approval.

Would you like to chat via or OSC? – Contact us here, we can guide you through the process and discuss your requirements.


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