We short film by Martina Stiftinger and Rita Louro
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Co-director / animator Martina Stiftinger and Rita Louro in London: “We” is a visual essay on the state of connection – a metaphorical study of interpersonal relationships and social constraints.

“Personal experiences and current social contexts are represented through a series of abstract analogies that reflect the essence of our everyday social interactions.

"Motion Design Plus invited the artists to collaborate in one piece with full creative freedom for their latest Made With campaign, sponsored by Msi, Dropbox and Adobe."

Client: Msi, Dropbox, Adobe

Curator: Motion Plus Design
Founder: Kook Ewo

Director / Animator: Martina Stiftinger, Rita Louro

Sound design: Ambrose Yu

Category: 3D Style, Branded Film, Branded Content, CG, The Inbox Tags: Adobe, Ambrose Yu, Dropbox, Martina Stiftinger, Motion Plus Design, Msi, Rita Louro


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