Features of the best clinic software
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The clinic software has changed the game for aesthetic clinics around the world and offers countless tools and features to help you improve your customer relationships, optimize your workflow, manage your employees more effectively, and provide the best possible services.

However, not all clinic software is the same, and with so many options, choosing between them can be challenging. A way to find them best software for aesthetic clinics focuses on the most important functions that you simply cannot do without.


An EMR (electronic patient record) supplements or replaces your existing paper-based patient record system and is an indispensable part of every good form of clinical software. It is essentially a digital database with detailed information about your patients, informing you about diagnostic information, past sessions, relevant health problems, possible treatments for the patient and much more.

In the best possible clinical software, the EMR should be easy to use, easy to update and detailed. Each record should be well structured, with simple navigation tabs and customizable fields so that the user can quickly and seamlessly access individual records and add new information.

Calendar and planner:

Most forms of clinic software come with at least a calendar and planner. This is one of the most basic elements of any clinic software. However, you will find that some calendars are far more detailed and user-friendly than others, and offer greater versatility and functionality designed specifically for aesthetic clinics.

A normal old calendar just doesn't provide the results you need to really optimize your workflow and improve your daily routines. Your clinic calendar needs to be customized so that you can enter the types of treatments to be performed, give the estimated times for each session, and provide information about each customer's booking behavior, so you can maximize your time and make the most of every working day.

Automation and messaging:

Automation is another key feature of any good form of clinic software, especially when it comes to messaging. Instead of entering individual messages to each individual customer or employee, an automated system can write and send these messages on your behalf according to strict and simple parameters, which gives you full control and maximum convenience.

With messaging templates With preset reminders, you can invest more time and effort in other key areas of your work, so the automated system regularly sends reminders to patients when it's time for a new treatment, as well as messages to your staff when and when needed. The best clinic software can send both automated emails and texts.

Time savings:

One of the main reasons why a clinic wants to start using clinic software is to save time. Some forms of software have a number of time-saving functions that you can use and enjoy every day, automated messaging and simple planning, as described above.

With the best clinic software, you can contact patients at home and ask them important medical questions through simple video conferencing or chat consultations. This offers more comfort for the clinic and its customers and reduces the time required for examinations. Other time-saving functions are inventory management, treatment duplication and simple online booking forms for your customers.


With the right clinic software, you can even improve the way you send invoices and collect payments from your customers for the treatments and services you offer. With a digital billing system, you can save time, minimize the risk of errors and reduce paper consumption in the clinic.

You can email invoices directly to your customers, offer them a range of payment options, and easily apply the discounts required. Some clinic software programs even have a revenue or finance dashboard that allows you to quickly and easily monitor profits over days, months, or years, and better track your cash flow without the need for complicated accounting services.


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