Advantages of monitoring IP addresses
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The IP address is one of the main topics in computer science. It is described in a simple language and is a specific list of numeric code that is displayed in dot-decimal format. It is a 32-bit number written in a binary language. If you are on the same network, two different computers should not have the same ID. In this case, an IP conflict error is displayed on your laptop / desktop when accessing the Internet. If your computer has assigned a static IP address, it will not be changed.

Hacking the IP address is the most common hacker's trick to gain access to your computer. If successful, your data is vulnerable. That is the reason We have to use cyber security. If you want to know the IP address of your computer, enter "ipconfig" at the command prompt.

What is an IP address?

IP address (Internet Protocol) is an individually unique address that is assigned to each device. This address is useful so that companies can discover all the tools that are connected to their network. This address is also helpful when locating a specific device. These addresses are generally in a human-readable format that consists of a certain number of digits. You can Go to this website Learn more about IP addresses so that you can easily and securely access your router. Now let's go ahead and see some advantages.

Advantages of monitoring IP addresses:

1. Detection of defects:

If the system detects a network problem or other software related to the problem, the monitoring tool sends a warning message to the network administrator so that the administrator can correct the problem and prevent it from escalating to a greater extent.

2. Easy transport of data:

The user does not have to worry about memory usage because the size of the data packets transmitted from the device to the administrator is small and the transmission speed is high.

3. Data security:

IP data is transmitted safely and securely to avoid unwanted access to information that prevents sniffing or interception.

Top 5 best IP surveillance tools:

1. SolarWinds IP Manager:

SolarWinds IP Manager is one of the best IP surveillance tools on the market. This tool focuses on providing excellent results in IP address monitoring and offers various other useful functions.


SolarWind IP Manager offers functions such as:

  • Automated and faster tracking of IP addresses
  • Efficient management of IP addresses
  • Alerts and warnings about IP addresses
  • Works in systems with minimal functionality
  • Provides ongoing performance reports
  • Access to the history of the IP addresses connected to the network
  • Integrated DHCP, DNS and IP address management

2. ManagerEngine OpManager:

ManagerEngine OpManager is also currently recognized as one of the leading IP surveillance tools in the industry. This tool provides access to the management of the devices connected to the network and their configuration.


ManagerEngine OpManager supports users with numerous important and helpful functions, including:

  • Automated and faster tracking of IP addresses
  • Management of devices connected to the network
  • Provides reports on the scheduled day and time
  • Provides easy access to changes in the network
  • System backups can be performed so that no data is lost
  • Works efficiently on servers such as Windows, Linux, Solaris, UNIX, HP, IBM, etc.

3. Paessler PRTG:

Paessler PRTG is a leading IP surveillance tool in the vast ocean of IP surveillance tools available on the market today. Paessler is a German company and has developed the Paessler PRTG tool for monitoring IP addresses and for managing devices connected to the network. Being a German company, it has provided its users with a wide range of languages ​​for easy access to Paessler's PRTG tool. Therefore, the tool is considered an international IP surveillance tool.


Paessler's PRTG tool offers various helpful and useful functions on a single platform, making it an all-in-one platform. These functions include:

  • Strong and reliable reports
  • Option to download reports in PDF and various other formats for easy access
  • Manage devices connected to the network and evaluate their performance
  • Inexpensive and faster tracking of IP addresses
  • Customize your data with the API option

4. Visual pulse:

Visual Pulse is an IP monitoring tool that is one of the best IP monitoring tools that users can use to manage connected devices and evaluate their performance on a daily basis.


Visual Pulse offers its users a multitude of extraordinary functions with which they can manage the devices more efficiently than before. These functions include:

  • Provides alerts for unwanted devices connecting to the network
  • Manage numerous tools at the same time without problems
  • Provides real-time reports after evaluating performance
  • Can manage up to 400 IP addresses simultaneously
  • Provides historical data about the IP addresses of the devices connected to the network
  • Can back up data to ensure that it is not lost
  • Has a native Unix support

5. Nagios:

Last but not least, Nagios is one of the top five IP surveillance tools in the IP surveillance industry. This tool offers a number of useful functions to help users better understand how the network works.


Nagios offers functional and practical functions, including:

  • Notifies the administrator if there are problems with the network, e.g. B. overloaded links
  • Provides detailed reports after evaluating network performance
  • The reports provided by the tool allow users to analyze what is wrong and improve network performance
  • Advanced visualizations
  • Provides data on the number of devices connected to the system and the number of unwanted devices connected to the network
  • Provides regular information about how the network uses data


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