What are the advantages of laser screed technology?
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Well-advanced technologies have made significant progress since the 20th century and are used in various traditional industries. Today we are going to present a successful application example for laser technology in industry Laser screed.

What is laser screed:

Although laser screed is an excellent advanced machine, it was launched in the 1980s. As the mass production of laser devices has been declining in recent years, it is becoming increasingly common in the construction of industrial floors. It uses laser emitters to start a standard laser plane and then uses a laser receiver on the machine to respond to the position where the laser plane is. Then the control on the machine regulates and controls the leveling head of the machine according to the laser position in order to carry out the leveling process for the line to the concrete.

The laser screed is therefore a high-precision leveling device for concrete. It uses a laser started by the emitter as the reference plane and controls the leveling head through the laser receiver on a laser screed machine.

Concrete laser screed

Area of ​​application – widespread on different floors:

Laser screed machine can be used in various indoor and outdoor floor projects. The interior floor includes various industrial facilities, a workshop, a warehouse, a large shopping center, a logistics center, an exhibition center, an underground car park, etc. Residence floor and local government pavement and so on. Laser screed is suitable for various constructions of large concrete floors.

Low investment, high precision, fast construction for the floor, economical work:

In recent years, laser positioning devices have been widely used in various large and small projects, which means that they are manufactured in large quantities and their price is constantly falling. The costs for laser screed machines are being gradually reduced. You only need a small investment to get a laser screed machine, and the investment in use is also very low.

Take hiking ev850-2t behind the laser screed as an example. The machine is manufactured by hiking machines, has a high quality and a low price. The machine uses a Leica laser system, it is fully controlled by the computer system, its quality and precision is excellent, but its price is no more than $ 20,000. The machine uses the Honda drive system, so it has perfect stability and is 0 within three years. The fuel consumption is also low, so the investment after buying the machine is low. The machine uses a laser positioning system, which saves a lot of formwork during construction. In the meantime, the will saves a lot of labor costs and shortens the construction time. In comparison to saved labor costs, machine investments are therefore insignificant.

Run Ev850-t behind laser screed

As mentioned above, the machine uses a Leica laser system with excellent precision. The precision of the laser system can be up to 1 mm. The use of a laser screed machine increases the FL value of the floor considerably. Independent layout and large-area casting of the laser emitter ensure a uniform floor height. By dividing the large-scale structure, the construction joint is reduced and the subsequent maintenance costs of the floor are significantly reduced. The machine can also adjust the incline. It can be built on an inclined floor so that it can be used for various floor projects.

The construction speed with laser screed is very high, especially when the machine is used to work with the trip on a trowel. In general, the construction area can reach up to 3000 m² / day when these two machines are used together. Only 6-8 designers are required, the construction speed is very high and labor investments can be saved.

Drive the trowel

As mentioned above, applications of laser screed and Ladle machine Improve the construction speed and the quality of the industrial floor considerably. If you're a concrete floor builder in 2020, you should know about these advanced construction equipment. Increasing construction efficiency, saving on labor costs and improving construction quality are only part of the advantages of laser screed when driving with a spatula. The most important thing is that they are good advertising, they are the symbol of your company that can help you get more projects.


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