What is Your Favorite John Goodman Character?

Watch as John Goodman breaks down some of his legendary roles.

"Mark it as zero!" How underrated is John Goodman? He's one of those actors you don't think about a lot because he's so good. He has honed his craft over several decades, covering every imaginable genre with his innate ability to be in front of the camera. He can make you laugh, crawl you out, or punch you in the eye with fear, but he won't overwhelm you in one scene. It never feels like he's "acting" on the screen.

In a recent GQ video, Goodman talks about characters he has played, including Arachnophobia's Delbert McClintock, his time with Roseanne as Dan Connor, and even The Big Lebowski's Walter Schobak, among others, whom he would like to rework. Check it out below.

But how can this video make you a better filmmaker? Well, the actor gives some great advice and mentions it several times. Did you pick it up He suggests that if he goes to a reading that he thinks he'll never stand a chance of getting the job, he always gets cast. And that mindset applies to directors, cameramen, editors, and other behind-the-scenes craftsmen looking for a job.

No film school has had the privilege of interviewing hundreds of filmmakers over the years, and one of the subjects we keep seeing is the notion that if you walk into a meeting, it is more than likely that you have no chance are engaged for the performance.

As in this video, you can see that Goodman is comfortable with who he is as a person and as a professional. He has the experience and is at a point in his career where he can pick and choose his roles. But if you start out as a director or a cameraman you won't have the comforts, but that doesn't mean your body language should be showing it. It is important to be prepared for any general meeting or pitch meeting where you can discuss your vision for the story and back it up with concepts and evidence for delivery. But it's best not to be desperate. People can see despair. Instead, try to convert that feeling into confidence, or better yet, as Goodman says, try not to bother about it at all. You will most likely land this gig.

Did you get a job you least expected? Tell us about it in the comments.


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