‘White Noise’ Trailer: Documentary on America’s White Supremacists
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Exclusive: Daniel Lombroso's debut tracks the rise of far-right nationalism through the lives of Mike Cernovich, Richard Spencer and Lauren Southern.

Just hours after the President of the United States took the opportunity to condemn the rise of white supremacist thinking in America to tell a hate group to "step back and be ready," a fresh look at an upcoming documentary is supposed to be something Shedding light on the people who are most excited about the possibility of a white supremacist government: the old-right. In "White Noise," directed and directed by Daniel Lombroso in his directorial debut, viewers will step into a sprawling movement backed by the reach of social media and a cadre of outspoken "leaders" who believe in nothing to hate someone who listens.

The film is also the first feature film in the Atlantic and has been described as the "definitive inside story of the movement known as the alt-right". Lombroso's film follows three of the movement's biggest "stars" including "Mike Cernovich, conspiracy theorist and sex blogger turned media entrepreneur; Lauren Southern, an anti-feminist anti-immigration YouTube star; and Richard Spencer, an ideologue of white power."



The film's official synopsis reads: “This film takes the viewer into the terrible heart of the movement – explosive protests, riotous parties, and the spaces where populist and racist ideologies are refined, armed, and mainstreamed. Just as the old right comes to the fore, the struggle tears the movement apart. Spencer and Cernovich argue over the role of white nationalism in conservative politics. Southern struggles to balance her leadership role with the sexism and misogyny of her peers. Lawsuits are increasing and internecine battles break out, but even when the old-right breaks break, their once-marginalized ideas gain a foothold in mainstream discourse. in republican politics; in the established right-wing press, especially in Fox News – and on the world's largest social media platforms. "

In anticipation of the film's premiere at AFI Docs this summer, IndieWire's Eric Kohn billed the film "a disturbing and timely look at a trio of far-right nationalists behind its harrowing resurgence across the country." … Through online conspiracy theories, fake news, and hateful YouTube episodes, these vile provocateurs are responsible for some of the most profound problems facing American discourse today – and its implications for who makes it to public office. "

"White Noise" will be available on request on Wednesday October 21st. Check out the movie's first trailer below, exclusive to IndieWire.

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