Wysilab wins Epic MegaGrant for Instant Terra
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Wysilab wins Epic MegaGrant for Instant Terra

Tuesday, September 22, 2020 | Written by Jim Thacker

Current Instant Terra to Unreal Engine workflow. Developer Wysilab has just received an Epic MegaGrant to fund the development of a new plugin that creates a live connection between the terrain generator and UE4.

Wysilab is the latest CG software developer to win an Epic MegaGrant. The money will be used to fund the development of a live link between the Instant Terra terrain generation software and the Unreal Engine.

The size of the award was not disclosed.

With the latest MegaGrant, a UE4 live link plug-in for Instant Terra is being developed
The news makes Wysilab the newest commercial tools developer to raise cash from Epic Games' $ 100 million MegaGrants fund after Maxon was awarded $ 200,000 earlier this month.

As with Maxon – and with an earlier allocation of an undisclosed size for Reallusion – the money will be used to strengthen the integration between Unreal Engine and other DCC software.

In the case of Wysilab, this means Instant Terra, the fast and easy tool for creating terrain, especially for games and real-time applications.

The new Live Link plugin allows users to make changes to the settings in Instant Terra and view the results in Unreal Engine in real time.

According to Wysilab, development is still in the works, but plans are "soon" to post screenshots in the new section of its forum dedicated to the plugin.

Pricing and system requirements
Instant Terra is now only available for Windows 7+. Perpetual licenses are available for users with sales less than $ 500,000 / year and cost $ 149 to export $ 8,000. $ 199 for unlimited resolution.

There is also a Pro Edition for larger studios that includes functions for generating very large areas, exporting multiple files and a Python API. The price is on request.

For more information on the Epic MegaGrant, visit the Wysilab blog

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