Oops, I saw the notification when you commented! I wanted something like this:

Where would the beam itself rotate with rotation or something? I haven't been able to figure this out exactly, but after some fiddling I have a spiral that comes with a tape twist but I think it will only work in the direction of the X axis haha.
wip02-2wip02-2278 × 607 1.69 MB

[The circle around the star has a much softer drop, but I forgot to edit the GIF dither to make it look a little harder, hah]
And that's probably because:

but when i try to give each of them a value of 1 i think they are just negated or something. I don't fully understand the depths of this feature, so I can't yet manipulate it the way I want to.
I'm also trying to figure out how to put it on a blueprint to bring it out like a projectile, but failed to add / change speed :Think: I am familiar with some aspects of blueprints, but this is an area I haven't touched that much : stick_out_tongue:

But as for the little bit of progress, I've softened that path and am working on a small burst of smaller stars to spawn in case I should ever set up the projectile and collision material!


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