Yongnuo's New 35mm F2 AF Lens has Sony E-Mount Covered
Yn35mm Feature.jpg

The lens is part of a growing line of full-frame E-mount lenses.

Almost two years ago, Yongnuo announced its Android-based MFT mirrorless camera YN450, which has since been released. The company has expanded its lens options in Nikon F and Canon EF mounts, one of which we tested, the 50mm F1.8 for the popular DSLR line.

Yongnuo has now switched the focus to Sony E-Mount.

Following the release of the 50mm F1.8 AF lens for Sony APS-C cameras, the company is offering a 35mm F2S DF DSM full frame lens that replaces the existing 85mm F1.8S DF-DSM full screen for E-Montage added.

35mm F2 AF

Visually, the 35mm F2S has the same properties as the 85mm F1.8S and consists of 9 elements in 8 groups with lens coatings to suppress ghosting and glare.

It also has a 7-blade aperture design and a minimum aperture of F16. A drive stepper motor is used for the autofocus and should be quiet enough when recording videos. There's also a handy AF / MF switch on the barrel that's next to a custom Fn function key.

Since it is a longer focal length, Yongnuo added a low dispersion glass element along with an aspherical lens to correct this deviation. The lens advertises roughly Minimum focusing distance of 0.35 m (13.7 ") with an all-metal bayonet for secure installation pretty compact too, weigh 295 g.

The price and release date are still to be announced, but the lens should appear on its Amazon store soon.


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