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To celebrate the release of my “Filmmaking for Photographers”, MZED is holding a one-month giveaway (which ends on March 14th !!)! In addition to the film equipment prices below, you get free access to one of the lessons in the course, a one-hour introduction to camera movement. All information on entering (and receiving bonus entries) can be found below.

But first, here is a short testimony from a filmmaker who recently saw my course:

The excellent teaching style, the sense of humor and of course Phillip's cats make this course an extremely informative and extremely entertaining course. It had a HUGE impact on how I view recordings, sound, lighting, and editing. THANKS for this course!

Filmmaking for photographers is a course I wanted to take a long time after many photographers tried to enter the video world.

The course is relevant to both photographers and filmmakers who want to learn more about camera movements and sequences, lighting styles and challenges, history and narrative, and much more. It's more than seven hours of class that eloquently interweaves hundreds of lessons I learned on his filmmaking journey.

This premium course can be purchased for $ 199 or reduced to just $ 100 for MZed Pro members. For this giveaway, we pass on the exercise lesson to everyone for free. All you need to do is create a free MZed account and watch this one-hour lesson right away. Or if you have an iOS device, you can view it without creating an account in the MZed app!

Click here to view the exercise lesson.

MZed competitions

Pay close attention when watching the exercise lesson, as you can also win some of our amazing film equipment prizes.

All you have to do is answer a question about something from the movement module, complete the Gleam competition and win the following gifts:

RØDE VideoMic NTG (5 available)

This microphone has so many features that it may be the last microphone you'll ever need. With the VideoMic NTG, you can ask yourself how you've ever lived as a USB microphone without your mirrorless camera or cinema camera.


On the back there is an excellent dial with variable gain, an automatic sensor that knows whether it is connected to a camera or a mobile device, a headphone output and my favorite, a security channel that automatically sends a -20 dB signal sends the correct channel.

We are happy to be able to give away five of these VideoMic NTG shotgun microphones thanks to RØDE microphones. Your radio play is on a completely different field.

Atomos Ninja V.

The Atomos Ninja V is possibly the most versatile and popular external monitor / recorder on the market and takes your camera rig to the next level.


Not only can you monitor your scene with innovative exposure assistants, you can also access your camera’s higher quality shooting settings that are only available with external shots.

And at 5 inches, this monitor will most likely never leave the side (or top) of your camera. Many thanks to Atomos for the gift and support of filmmaker training!

B & H Photo $ 100 gift card (5 available)

bra photo video gift card

You probably have a hundred items on your wish list right now, so the $ 100 B & H Photo Video Gift Card would be very handy.

We don't have to tell you anything about B & H Photo Video – the global headquarters for all the toys we photographers and filmmakers like to play with – sometimes even for work. Many thanks to B & H for the generous gift!

Glyph Technologies 2TB Atom RAID SSD and promo discounts

Glyph Atom Raid SSD

The Glyph Atom RAID SSD drive is both compact and robust enough for the most adventurous creatives. The aluminum housing and the removable rubber buffer ensure that your data is safe on the go.

And with the USB-C connection, this drive is also the fastest SSD that Glyph made. It has transfer speeds of up to 950 MB / s and is completely quiet without the need for a fan. This 2 TB SSD quickly finds a home in your workflow.

In addition to the competition, Glyph Technologies will offer a special offer to all participants during the competition. At B & H Photo Video or Filmtools you can get a 15% discount on any Glyph product simply by using the promo code GLYPH15.

External glyph drives play a prominent role in Greenscreen's Filmmaking for Photographers course, as Philip and the MZed team trusted only glyph storage equipment throughout the course production and post-production. Thank you Glyph for your support!

Enter the giveaway now


So what are you waiting for? Check out the free exercise lesson today – all you need is an MZed login that you can create for free. Then fill out the following Gleam registration form and you can start the new year with enthusiasm!


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